Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Maybe One Day I Will Return to Writing.

Some comments by a reader have prompted me to say something about my recent absence. I have not been able to devote the time it takes to write these history posts as of late because my wife and I welcomed a baby into the world back in February. The little guy has completely captured my free time. Maybe one day I will be able to add the blog back into my juggling routine. Keep checking for updates.


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to future installments. And congratulations on your new baby.

Sarah McDonnell said...

Ditto that last commenter! This is a GREAT blog. Perhaps the little guy can sit in your lap and add his own commentary while you write. It could be a learning opportunity!

Brent Minchey said...

Hope things get normal soon and you come back to it. I'd love to see the west side of the 200 block. I'd also like to talk to you about turning this into a book.
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